Software Like Myspace or Similar to a Friendster Clone. develop your own social networking / community script.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MYSPACE CLONE Social Networking Script demo

The BEST Functions of all the social network sites

Social Networking Script With the option to upgrade to Developers Social Networking Licenses. If your site hits the big time.

Members can personalize profile with CSS customization, Upload/Play Music, Link video and graphics, edit Profile, upload pictures and invite any friends to join your network, play music from profile, Create groups with different access levels
members can chat in public rooms or in private rooms.
Write Testimonials (must be a friend)
Find a date
Find an apartment
Find a job
Connect with lost friends
Expose music
Connect with artists
Promote events
Make a new friend
Buy or sell something
Create business relationships
Find auditions
Search engine friendly URLs
New Flash Chat with File Sharing and IM

MYSPACE CLONE Social Networking Script demo